Registrars resign together ahead of Annual Town Meeting

May 10, 2022 | Trent Levakis

SOUTH HADLEY – The three members of the Board of Registrars all submitted letters of resignation to the Town Clerk Carlene Hamlin on April 20, leaving the entire board vacant in the midst of Town Meeting season.

Board members Amy Foley, Niccole Casolari and Shelley Gingras made their decision effective immediately. Both Casolari and Gingras both made note in their resignations that it had been a pleasure working with the Town Clerk during their tenures.

Reminder Publishing reached out to the three former registrars for clarification on the decision but did not receive a response as of press time.

Town Administrator Lisa Wong said that she will be focused on working with the Town Clerk to publicize the openings to the appropriate entities and then accept nominations. She noted at the May 3 Selectboard meeting that she will look to Republican and Democratic town committees for recommendations on the filling of these positions and plan on having names on the ballot for the next election.

Wong also confirmed to Reminder Publishing that Town Clerk Carlene Hamlin notified the town of her retirement effective as of May 14. Wong noted that sometimes with the retirement at the town clerk position, change is common shortly after in other areas of a town’s government.

Selectboard Chair Jeff Cyr thanked the three former registrars and wished them the best during their May 3 meeting. The Selectboard voted unanimously to accept the resignations.

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