Best damn takeout: Longmeadow’s Posto - Italian fare

June 24, 2020 | Payton North

Posto’s bucatini
Reminder Publishing photo by Payton North

LONGMEADOW – Despite the fact that restaurants in the area are starting to open their doors with outdoor seating, many people are still wary of going out to eat – or they’re still enjoying the convenience of regularly getting takeout and eating from the comforts of home. With that said, Reminder Publishing has decided to keep our best damn takeout reviews coming for the time being.

This review isn’t the first time Longmeadow restaurant Posto has been featured on our D&E page – last fall we reviewed their sandwiches in a best damn sandwich column, and they received high marks from our news staff.

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend, Joey, – who lives out of state – was in town. He requested we get Posto for dinner, as the restaurant is his personal favorite for when he’s up visiting me. Last year, when Posto opened, he and I went to dinner at the restaurant on their first Saturday night. While we did have a significantly long wait – again, it was their first Saturday night in business, this was to be expected – we fell in love with the scrumptious pasta, creamy risotto balls, mouthwatering dessert and conscientious staff.

Since that night – we’ve gone back to Posto three or four times together, but we hadn’t had their takeout. This was the perfect opportunity to enjoy their food in the comfort of our sweatpants.

The two of us enjoyed dinner with my parents, and we each selected our meals. I’ve mentioned in columns past that once I’ve found a meal that I love, I have an incredibly hard time breaking away from it to try something new.

A tale as old as time – I couldn’t not order Posto’s bucatini.

The bucatini is described as “MV littlenecks, fresno chilis, pancetta, bread crumbs, parsley pesto.” A big fan of pasta and littlenecks, and an even bigger fan of pesto – I’ve been all in on this dish every time I’ve gone to the restaurant. I always give the menu a good once–over in an attempt to dissuade myself from the inevitable – but alas, the outcome is the same.

In fact – I raved so much about the bucatini that not only did Joey decide he would order the bucatini, but my mom did as well. My father was the only outlier – opting for the ‘old school’ spaghetti and meatballs.

Let me tell you – none of us were disappointed.

Another display of my inability to break away and try new things – every time I’ve gone to Posto I always order their “Federal Famous Risotto Balls,” which is described as risotto balls with black truffle butter, potato, and chives. In the past when I have had risotto balls, they’ve always been much larger in size. What’s unique about Posto – and their sister restaurant, The Federal, hence the name – is that they offer their risotto balls bite–sized, served over mashed potatoes. I’ve witnessed some people eat the mashed potatoes with a spoon once they’re finished with the risotto balls. I personally like to dip the risotto balls in the mashed potatoes, giving them even more flavor.

I can only describe Posto’s bucatini as a white, pesto, oil–type sauce with a mild kick due to the chilis. The bucatini pasta is the star of the show, though. All of Posto’s pasta is made fresh daily, which is certainly worth noting. The consumer can definitely tell the difference, in my opinion. My mom found the meal delicious, and Joey – who has had the bucatini before, like me, will continue to order it again and again.

The ‘old school’ spaghetti and meatballs were equally delicious, according to my dad, who enjoyed the three sizeable meatballs and generous serving of pasta that was topped with parmesan.

All in all – I’ve never been disappointed with a meal by Posto. The restaurant is currently offering outdoor dining – reservations required – and are continuing to do curbside pickup and delivery to East Longmeadow and Longmeadow addresses. Posto can be reached at 935–8500, their menu can be viewed online at The restaurant is located at 674 Bliss Rd. in Longmeadow.

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