Best damn takeout: Pafumi’s To Go in Wilbraham

April 29, 2020 | Sarah Heinonen

Pafumi's To Go in Wilbraham had some delicious offerings.
Reminder Publishing photo by Sarah Heinonen

WILBRAHAM – Generally, when I'm looking for takeout in Wilbraham, I stick to the restaurants on Route 20. But recently, I decided to head down Main Street to try Pafumi's To Go. I read the restaurant's description online and liked that they had a little bit of everything - grinders, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, seafood and even chicken wings.

I was in a mood for comfort food which, for me, often means pasta. I ordered “Tracy's Teriyaki,” which was described as a “choice of chicken or beef, spinach in a slightly spicy teriyaki alfredo sauce over pasta.” I was given the choice of pasta and chose the penne over the linguine option.

I also ordered a bowl of tortellini soup as an appetizer. It came with a packet of oyster crackers, which is always welcome with soup. I appreciated that everything stayed hot despite my 20-minute drive home.

The simple tortellini and chicken broth was subtly flavored, yet satisfying. It was a nice way to begin my meal.

When I opened the entree container, the pasta looked amazing. The presentation goes a long way - food is much more appetizing when it’s prepared with care, rather than slopped into a takeout container.

There was plenty of moist chicken and the spinach added a nice complexity to the flavor combination. I greatly enjoyed the juxtaposition of the thick, creamy alfredo with the tangy, sweetness of the teriyaki.

The amount of food I received was worth the money. The large bowl of soup was $6 and the pasta cost $15. There was enough leftover for lunch the next day, which is always a win.

Pafumi's To Go is located at 1 Crane Park Dr. Customers can call ahead to 279-3303 for quick pickup with limited person-to-person contact during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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