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The Best Damn Sandwich: The Bread Basket, week three

March 20, 2020 | Sarah Heinonen

The Royal Roast
Reminder Publishing photo by Payton North

RUSSELL – Let’s get one thing straight. I love hearty food. I truly love it. Why eat unless you’re going to feel satisfied and full afterward?

Every time the Reminder Publishing staff visits a new restaurant to try their sandwiches for this column, I expect to leave sated and patting my stomach, and I’ve yet to be disappointed. The Bread Basket in Russell, however, crushed those expectations and set a new bar.

The sandwich I tried there was the Royal Roast, a fancy name for a roast beef and swiss cheese sandwich. The price tag of $9.50 was in line with what I expect to pay at most sandwich shops.

Being a bakery, there were plenty of bread selections, but I zeroed in on the cheesy grinder roll. I was not disappointed. The 12-inch bread was so aromatic and there was plenty of cheese melted across the roll, so each bite was evenly tasty.

The Bread Basket isn’t just a bakery, though. They also have a deli counter, so I knew the roast beef would be fresh. What I didn’t know is how much of it there would be. They loaded the roll with meat and cheese. After I opted to add lettuce, black olives, and mayonnaise, the sandwich required two hands to hold.

My co-workers thought I would definitely have to take some of it home, and I thought about it, but I’m no quitter. I managed to get through the entire grinder and enjoyed every bite of it.

The Bread Basket is located at 815 Blandford Rd., Russell. Their hours are Tuesday through Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Call ahead at 862-0044 to check for changes to service during the COVID-19 crisis.

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