Fenway Golf plans to pay it forward

June 24, 2020 | Debbie Gardner

Reminder Publishing photo by Debbie Gardner

EAST LONGMEADOW - Andrew Fisk, third generation owner of Fenway Golf accepted a check June 16 for $1,030 contributed by community members through a GoFundMe page campaign for his business initiated by fellow East Longmeadow businessman John Arnold.

Arnold said the monies were raised between May 22 and 23, following an article in the local media about the business and its struggles. Fisk said that he was grateful for the community support, and since his business was now able to open, he planned to use all of the money donated to Fenway to purchase gift cards to some of his fellow East Longmeadow businesses still waiting for the OK to open, and use the gift cards for giveaways at Fenway.

“We had such support from the community and we are in a position now to pay it forward,” Fisk said. “I know what it was like to not be able to be open [and doing business].”

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