Early voting outweighs poll visits for Huntington election

May 20, 2020 | Amy Porter

Huntington poll workers Sharon Health, Lois Smith and David Norton wear protective gear during the municipal election on May 15.
Reminder Publishing photo by Amy Porter

HUNTINGTON – More people voted by early and absentee ballot than showed up to vote in Huntington’s municipal election on May 15, which had a low overall turnout.

There were 53 early ballots and 21 absentee ballots turned in, while 58 residents voted at Town Hall, for a total count of 132.  “Actually not a low number here for a local election,” said Town Clerk Linda Hamlin.

There were no contested elections. Karon Hathaway was reelected for a three-year term on the Board of Selectmen and Roger Booth Jr. will serve for two years to fill the vacancy left by Darlene McVeigh, who moved out of town.  Hamlin was also elected for one year as town clerk.

Reelected were Jean Jackman for three years on the Board of Health; Erik Steins, three years on the Board of Assessors; Charles Dazelle, three years on the Water and Sewer Commission; Walter Wittshirk, one year as tree warden; Jeff Jorritsma for three years as constable;  George Peterson III, one year as moderator; Judith Guyette, three years as Pettis Fund trustee and Karon Hathaway, one year as Whiting Fund trustee.

Linda Siska accepted write-ins  for three years as library trustee. Lorena Belhumeur accepted the three-year Whiting Street Trustee position.

There were no candidates for two slots on the School Committee. Edward Renauld accepted the three-year School Committee position through write-ins, and David Lubbers accepted the one-year School Committee position, to fill the remaining term of Darlene McVeigh.

Hamlin explained in her legal opinion that results were not official until they were confirmed by contacting the winners. As of press time, not all results were official, the clerk said.

According to Secretary of State Office’s Elections Division, results are official once they have been certified by the clerk. Part of the certification process is issuing certificates of election to the winners and swearing them in. Candidates for most offices can be sworn in as soon as the day after the election once the results are certified.

It was also announced on May 18 that the 2020 Town Meeting schedule was changed.

Both the Annual Town Meeting and the Special Town Meeting will take place on June 22 at Gateway Regional School, 12 Littleville Road.  The Special Town Meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m., followed by the Annual Town Meeting at 7 p.m. Residents must be registered voters in Huntington to vote at the Town Meetings.  If you would like to confirm that you are a registered voter, contact the Hamlin at townclerk@huntingtonma.us or leave a message at 512-5209.

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