Bella Foodie, Fogbusters Coffee Works partner on blend

July 13, 2022 | Trent Levakis

Bella Foodie owner Ashley Tresoline poses with her new “Foodie Fuel” blend in partnership with Fogbusters Coffee Works during their launch event. A close up of the new blend.
Photo courtesy of Adam Belson of Adam Belson photography.

HOLYOKE – Bella Foodie LLC has partnered with Fogbusters Coffee Works to launch their new custom private label coffee blend of organic, fair-trade, air-roasted coffee.

The custom blend was introduced at a launch event at Open Square in Holyoke on June 30 where people were welcomed to stop by for a taste of the product as well as other craft coffee cocktails and food.

Bella Foodie is a coaching program that helps clients make long-lasting changes to improve their health and relationship with food. Founder and owner of Bella Foodie Ashley Tresoline started the company not long after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis more than a decade ago. Tresoline found herself taking a whole new approach to overall health and she aims to continue to share that knowledge with the community to change their lives at the same time.

Tresoline first started working with Fogbusters after they reached out to her to do influencer and brand partnership work with them. After months working together, talks began on the possibility for Tresoline to have a private label underneath Fogbusters.

“They found me and actually liked my stuff. They like my content, who I am and what I stand for and it just kind of went from there,” Tresoline said. “For me, it’s a dream come true because I’m the girl that the first thing in the morning, I don’t say anything to anyone until I have my coffee, basically.”

Last November Tresoline was invited to tour the Fogbusters factory and got to see the day-to-day operations as well as the chance to try different coffees to start identifying what the Bella Foodie blend would be. Following the holidays, they worked together on the process of creating the new “Foodie Fuel” blend, a strong, dark roast with hints of spice, molasses and peppercorn.

Tresoline said she wanted to create a blend that reflected who she is and what she likes in her coffee.

“I like a good dark roast and wanted something that really wakes you up in the morning but still tasted good,” Tresoline said.

She added that Fogbusters air-roasts its coffee, which provides a smoother, richer and cleaner consistent roast each time. The Fogbusters website claims that only 1 percent of coffee worldwide is air-roasted on a fluid bed of hot air, rather than sitting in a hot drum roaster.

The quality and flavor of each bean are guaranteed by continually removing the outer husk, known as the chaff, so it will never settle. Fogbusters added on its website that when drinking air-roasted coffee, you will never see a “ring” around your cup of coffee, creating a higher quality coffee with no carcinogens, ever.

The Foodie Fuel blend, like the other blends released by Fogbusters, had to go to organic purveyors to be certified for its quality.

“We here at Fogbuster Coffee Works are very excited to partner up with Bella Foodie. We have worked closely with Ashley to develop a special Bella Foodie Blend. One that encompasses both Bella Foodie and Fogbuster Coffee Works philosophies around all foods,” said Fogbuster owner Sean Pierce.

Fogbusters Coffee Works have prided themselves on always roasting 100 percent organic, fair-trade, all-natural, healthy and sustainable coffee sourced from all over the world.

“This partnership has been a dream come true for me, and the Pierce brothers are so wonderful to work with. We all understand the value of what we put in our bodies and that it should be only the highest quality. Their organic air-roasted coffee is one of a kind and I am so excited for everyone to try it,” said Tresoline.

After just being released, Tresoline said she is excited to be launching Bella Foodie’s first-ever product and hopes to be able to create new projects in the future.

“For [Fogbusters] to be able to launch something that fits so well with not only my business, but with me personally, is amazing,” Tresoline said. “What they stand for and what they do is what I try to teach people every day. Healthy starts from the inside out. You need to nourish your body with everything you do.”

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