6 Bricks becomes first cannabis shop to receive provisional license

July 29, 2020 | G. Michael Dobbs

SPRINGFIELD – 6 Bricks LLC is the first of the applicants for a recreational cannabis dispensary in the city to receive a provisional license from the Commonwealth’s Cannabis Control Commission.

Although that status is significant, Payton Shubrick, the CEO of the family-based company, told Reminder Publishing there are many more steps to go before her business is a reality.

6 Bricks is not only a minority-owned business, it is also a Springfield-based business.

Receiving the provisional license “validates all of the paperwork is proper,” so far in the licensing process, Shubrick said.

What lays ahead is the selection of a final location for the shop and a review of the architecture and plans for the business, she said. Details include the vault in which product and money will be kept; the exact size of the retail part of the business and security plans.

Shubrick noted the application process “takes a lot of time” and it has been complicated by being in the middle of a pandemic and a time of serious social unrest.

At this time, 6 Bricks does not have a timeline for the rest of the process culminating in opening the business. Part of the reasons is the impact of COVID-19 on the business, as Shubrick explained now curbside delivery must be built into the business plan.

“We are still early in the journey,” she added. Delivery service is another aspect that must be part of the plan.

6 Bricks remains unique among the applicants, as it is a Springfield-based, family of color-owned company, and the majority of those involved are women.

Other applicants have been either companies with track records in other states, or companies that have established themselves on the medical side of the cannabis industry. Shubrick said her company could not go the traditional route of funding through banks because cannabis is not legal federally. She said she had to work with private investors.

“I thought it to be a viable business but where am I going to get the money?” she recalled.

In a written statement Shubrick said, “I and my family are so appreciative of the State and Springfield’s recognition of our hard work, of our plans and positive community impact in the awarding of these necessary licenses to move forward. We are so appreciative of the transparent and in-depth process by which Springfield, Mayor Sarno’s Cannabis Committee, the city’s Law Department and Procurement Offices executed which allowed us a very even competitive field that allowing us to present a true minority-owned effort.

“To apply and win these necessary local and state licenses on our merits, is very gratifying to me, my family and our other team and community members. Today’s decision allows us to move forward with our Mission Statement: To inspire our community – through the people. Plant and purpose while being a good neighborly partner.”

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