Charity concert to raise money for Australian wildfires

Jan. 21, 2020 | Danielle Eaton

­­­SPRINGFIELD –  A local entertainment company is partnering with the Bing Arts Center in Springfield to host a concert to raise money for firefighting efforts in Australia.

Founder of 4LifeEntertainment Spencer Lavore told Reminder Publishing this isn’t the first time the company has hosted a concert for a cause.

“We do a lot of events for giving back, 24-hour DJ Marathons, charity contributions,” he said.

Lavore explained the concert at the Bing first came about by simply “recognizing a need” and doing what they could to give back.

“We’ve been fortunate in business, we’ve just been trying to do whatever we can,” he explained. “Our mission as a for-profit is kind of about altruism.”

Lavore said the concert comes after the company “took a hiatus” from hosting concerts. “It just seems like the time to get back into throwing concerts,” he said, and further explained the company had previously been “focused on touring.”

He noted in addition to raising money to contribute to fighting wildfires that have recently devastated Australia, the concert will also benefit the Bing.

“They’re fighting to keep their doors open,” he explained. “So we’re bringing in funds for multiple causes, we have the Bing being able to pay their rent and we get to raise money.”

Lavore said in total, there will be “about 75 performers at the end of the day,” all of whom he said donated their time for the event.

In total, Lavore said he expects to raise around $5,000, and  at the time of press, $1,000 had already been raised through donations and a GoFundMe page.

Lavore said in addition to collecting donations online, donations will also be collected onsite  on the day of the show.

The concert will take place on Jan. 25 starting at 4 p.m. at the Bing Arts Center on 716 Sumner Ave. in Springfield. Tickets are free at the door, but a donation is suggested.

Those not planning to attend the show and still wanting to donate, can do so through the GoFundMe page online at

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