Friends, family show support for Gomez through recovery

May 30, 2023 | Lauren LeBel

State Sen. Adam Gomez
Reminder Publishing file photo

SPRINGFIELD — As state Sen. Adam Gomez (D-Springfield) recovers at home from a lifesaving kidney transplant, the work and support of his colleagues, friends and family will not stop.

In early May, Gomez received a call that he long awaited: a donor match. After undergoing a successful transplant operation, his fight continues as he has been quarantined at home.

The kidney Gomez received was donated from a man — also a father — who passed away.

A press release from Ryan McCollum, a political consultant and close friend to Gomez, referred to Gomez as a “fighter” countless times.

“Adam is a dedicated public servant, continuously fighting for his hometown community of Springfield, especially the North End of the city which happens to be the poorest census block in the commonwealth. Whether it was fighting on his or an ally’s campaign, fighting for an issue whether it was popular or not, Adam has been fighting for his life and for his family this past year,” the press release stated.

Fellow state Sen. Jake Oliveira (D-Ludlow) posted on social media recently that Gomez has remained active in the Senate and hasn’t missed a vote during a weeks of budget discussions, even appearing at the Statehouse at its conclusion. Gomez’s dedication is not a surprise to those who know him.

Campaign manager and friend Johnnie McKnight said, “Nothing has changed. The dude continues to show up and deliver despite all that he is going through.”

Before the transplant surgery, a small group of Gomez’s close friends came together to bring more attention to his fight. Throughout his recovery, those individuals are continuing to work together and hope that the public will join in their efforts.

Gladys Franco, friend and political confidante to Gomez, said, “He’s so humble that we basically started meeting without his knowledge or approval because we’ve all been told not to do so. But we need to raise awareness about what he is going through.”

Calvin Feliciano, Gomez’s friend, ally and political advisor, said, “It’s an overused saying but he is the person you want next to you in a foxhole, but on top of that he’s just such a good person with a heart of gold that makes everyone around him laugh and feel like family.”

Jynai McDonald, a close friend and community activist shared, “He’s stood by me through thick and thin even when he did not have to. It’s time for me and others to stand by him.”

McCollum shared, “I doubted him once and he proved me and a whole bunch of people wrong. I will never doubt his resolve again. The guy is a force. And he will conquer this next obstacle — I have no doubt.”

Gomez’s family and friends expressed their confidence in him beating the odds.

Jacqueline Johnson, another friend and supporter of Gomez said, “Now he is able to say he’s experienced firsthand what it is like to need and receive an organ. It further adds to who Adam is as a human which is already so rich and diverse.”

Gomez’s Chief of Staff in the Massachusetts state Senate Danielle Allard shared, “The senator is no doubt a fighter and a survivor. His entire Senate team will continue to support him while he recovers.”

She added, “His passion to serve the Hampden District remains steadfast and unwavering. Constituents can rest assured that business has and will continue to get done.”

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