IOBCC hosts kick-off of beautification campaign

Jan. 18, 2018 | G. Michael Dobbs

Among the people attending the announcment for the Indian orchard beautificastion program were Register of Probate Suzanne Seguin, interim chair of the Indian Orchard Business Connections Commitee Paul Caron, City Councilor Kateri Walsh, Indian Orchard Citizens Council President Zaida Govan and City Councilors Jesse Lederman and Orlando Ramos.
Reminder Publications photo by G. Michael Dobbs

INDIAN ORCHARD – At first the Indian Orchard Business Connection Committee (IOBCC) thought its beautification program, “Indian Orchard Blooms,” would consist of 50 hanging baskets of flowering plants installed in street light poles on Main and Oak streets.

Reaction to the idea was so positive; the program went past the 60-basket mark and is now looking to go to 75 baskets, according to Paul Caron, the IOBCC interim chair.

Caron, City Councilor Orlando Ramos, Kateri Walsh and Jesse Lederman gathered with Indian orchard business owners and residents on Jan. 12 to announce the official public kick-off of the campaign and its progress so far.

Caron said the baskets, which ware being grown in greenhouses in North Carolina, will be delivered and installed in May and will bloom through October. A Landscaping company will be watering the taking care of the baskets.

Caron is hoping the campaign will be expand onto other streets in the neighborhood next year.

Zaida Govan, the president of the Indian Orchard Citizen Council said she was “really, really excited for this campaign.”

Caron said the goal of the IOBCC is to “build a better relationship with Indian Orchard businesses.” He thanking Mayor Domenic Sarno’s office with providing a comprehensive list of businesses and for sponsoring a basket.

He credited Jerry O’Brien for coming up with the idea of a campaign that would draw attention to the neighborhood.     

The sponsorship is $130 per basket and interested citizens and businesses should contact Govan at the Council by email at or by calling 301-2533.

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