Pole Control Studios to present ‘Mid-Summer Night’ aerial recital

May 14, 2019 | G. Michael Dobbs

SPRINGFIELD – Imagine a performance that combines dance, gymnastics and theater and you’d have “ The Mid-Summer Nights Dream Silk, Lyra and Pole Showcase” the first public recital of the three disciplines at Pole Control Studios.

The family-friendly event will be May 25 from 7 to 9 p.m. and will have as admission fee of $10. The studio is located at 78 Hillman St.

Holly Woods, the owner and founder of the studio, explained to Reminder Publishing the performances will be on three different apparatus: the pole, both static and spinning, the lyra and the silks.

“They will be doing interpretations to a song that has a little bit more of a meaning to the theme of the show,” Woods said.

Her students have the opportunity of taking classes on any or all of the apparatus, but for this performance students who have dedicated themselves to one of the disciplines will be featured.

The lyra is a large metal hoop suspended from the ceiling, Woods explained. The lyra allows students to perform routines both completely in the air and touching the floor, she added.

Lyra instructor Laura Lacy Teakell recently joined Woods for two appearances on “Mass Appeal” on 22 News.

The silks are large lengths of colorful cloth hanging from the ceiling. Woods described how those performances are about “the shapes they create, the lines they create – it’s all about their interpretation of the music.”

Each student has selected their own music and the instructors have helped them choreograph a performance that matches the music with the apparatus.

This is the first time in the studio’s more-than ten-year history this kind of recital has been presented, she said.

“Our prior recitals we’ve done have all been focused on pole, which was an actual requirement for students to move up to the higher levels of the classes which was to perform in the recital. This [performance] was no pressure. It was more of a performance showcase rather than a competition. They are going to show what they have learned over the past few weeks.”

The recital would feature performers at various skill levels and Woods is going to perform as well.

“My show is an interpretative dance that has both a static and a spinning pole,” she said.

Part of the recital’s purpose is to show these sports are for everyone. “This is something obtainable by members of the general public. You’ll have your neighbor next door who may be performing on one of these apparatus,” Woods explained. She added the students, who are “various sizes and shapes,” would demonstrate “some amazing moves and show some beautiful lines.”

The recital will also include a presentation about Connecticut vineyards by one of Woods’ students.

“We are trying to keep this about local community and embracing what we have going on right in our back yard. And what you have in your back yard right now is a bunch of potential circus performers,” she said with a smile.

Woods’ classes are designed for both men and women, people of various ages and fitness levels. She noted the disciplines are great for couples or groups of friends who wish to exercise together.

“[Members of the audience] may want to try one of apparatus and one of the instructors may give you a try,” she said.

For more information, go to event’s Facebook listing at https://www.facebook.com/events/1628521550580140/.

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