Public pianos installed

June 15, 2017 | G. Michael Dobbs

Reminder Publications photos by G. Michael Dobbs

If you see one of three brightly painted pianos downtown go ahead and play them. Your skills as a musician may just attract a crowd and build a community. That is what has happening in both Boston and in London, United Kingdom, when pianos were placed in key downtown areas. The Springfield Central Cultural Council brought the idea to Springfield.

Morgan Drewniany, the executive director of the council, explained the three pianos, donated by the Community Music School, are located at 1550 Main St., 1350 Main St. and Market Place now through September. The council is seeking professional musicians to play the pianos for lunchtime concerts in July and August.

Artists Jack Devlin, Sheldon Smith and Robert Markey painted the pianos.

Seen here is Mayor Domenic Sarno exhibiting his skills at the piano located at Market Place.

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