Revitalize CDC to improve 62 homes during GreenNFit Day

April 7, 2016 | G. Michael Dobbs

Springfield Mayor Domenic Sarno was among the people gathered at Mattie Mayes’ home to announce this year’s GreeNFit Month.
Reminder Publications photo by G. Michael Dobbs

SPRINGFIELD – April is Revitalize CDC’s  “GreenNFit” month and the nonprofit organization will be undertaking its most ambitious neighborhood rebuilding effort to date.

On its GreenNFit Day – this year it’s April 23 – more than 1,000 volunteers will spend their day repairing homes and cleaning yards in the Old Hill neighborhood. It’s the fourth year for the event and this year the goal is to improve 62 homes on two blocks, Colleen Loveless, the organization’s president, said at the kick-off press conference on March 30.

Loveless told Reminder Publications the effort is still in need of volunteers and monetary or in-kind donations for this year’s effort.

The repairs to the homes range from new roofs to ramps, windows, doors and landscaping, she said. Making homes “greener” include installing new heating systems that use natural gas and adding solar components to a home. Water-saving plumbing improvements and energy-saving appliances have also been installed in past years.

At the kick-off she credited the roles played by the YWCA Youthbuild program, which was already working to repair and make secure the front steps at the home of Mattie Mayes at 127 Lebanon St.

Mayes and her late husband John purchased the home 47 years ago. Her husband worked at East Coast Hand Tools for 45 years and her son and grandson are both veterans.

Mayes has health issues and the repairs to the home will enable her to preserve her independence and improve her quality of life.

Mayes said she was thankful for the improvements that will be made on her home.

This year GreenNFit days will involve homes on Lebanon Street, Nelson Avenue and Greene Street.

Loveless also recognized the Weatherization Program at Springfield Partners for Community Action for their long time commitment to the program.

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