Smokin’ Scoops ice cream shop eyes June opening

June 8, 2021 | Lauren LeBel

WEST SPRINGFIELD – Western Mass will soon welcome their first liquid nitrogen ice cream parlor in West Springfield. Smokin’ Scoops, located at 1425 Westfield St., hopes to open their doors on June 13.

Jon Goodhind, co-owner of Smokin’ Scoops said COVID-19 played a part in opening their shop. Alongside Goodhind, there are two other co-owners including Greg Neffinger, architect and former mayor of West Springfield, and John Sonsini, an excavator. All three owners are from West Springfield and grew up there.

Goodhind emphasized, “We all have a passion for good ice cream.”

In March 2019, Goodhind was laid off from his long lasting job in the wholesale floral industry. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to return. Currently, he owns a tattoo shop in the same plaza that Smokin’ Scoops will be located.

Prior to creating this parlor, another ice cream shop was formerly located there. While there was still a lot of ice cream equipment and space to make use of, Goodhind said, “I talked to the landlord and asked what the plan was.”

He went on to say, “I approached and said I’d be interested … he asked if I heard of liquid nitrogen ice cream.”

According to Goodhind, “It’s unique to this area. Nobody around does it.” The liquid nitrogen makes for richer, denser and creamier ice cream.

Smokin’ Scoops has advertised that they are hiring. Between 12 to 15 people have already shown interest.

“Everyone is scrambling and looking for employees,” claimed Goodhind. After training the people of interest, they will see how it goes, but Goodhind and his team hope to welcome everyone aboard.

The ice cream parlor is set to be open seven days a week, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Goodhind shared, “We will have 10 to 12 different flavors with garnishes that we like and hopefully, our customers will like.” He went on to say, there will be spins on some of the non-traditional flavors. They will also be offering bubble cones – a waffle, fried dough-like cone.

Smokin’ Scoops has just received an alcohol license. With this license, they are hoping to be approved by a Massachusetts bureau, which will allow them to make alcohol infused ice cream. “Even though there will be alcohol, we plan on remaining family friendly,” he assured.

In addition, Smokin’ Scoops will be selling some light baked goods.

Right now, Goodhind said he and his team are working to button up the loose ends and make sure everything is put together.

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