Amelia Park Children’s Museum’s director settling into new role

Jan. 14, 2020 | Dennis Hackett

WESTFIELD – After becoming the assistant director of Amelia Park Children’s Museum in September of 2018, Ray Radigan took over as the interim director in July before officially becoming the director in September of 2019.

Once the previous director stepped down in July, Radigan said that there was a process before he could officially become the new director. He said, “I took over as interim director in July, but we had an interview process with several candidates, but I ended up getting the official position back in September.”

Since taking over, he explained that things have gone smoothly, especially as the children’s museum moves into its busier season.

“It’s been good so far, we’re moving into our busier season with things like the Penguin Plunge and our second annual First Night,” he said, “Now that we’re into the winter, kids are playing much more inside so we’re a lot busier now.”

Radigan explained that his vision for the children’s museum is all about graceful growth. “We want to spread the word to people in Westfield and the surrounding area that we are here,” he said, “And once they’re in the door, it’s about taking our solid foundation of activities and taking our opportunities to improve what we have.”

He added that some of the additions he wants to add are new programs, exhibits along with ways to get out into the community, especially with the schools. He added that they’ve just begun to look into ways to collaborate with the schools. “At this point we’ve just formed an Education Program Committee with our Board of directors, so we’re looking at opportunities that can be a benefit to us or the school systems,” he said.

Radigan explained that this isn’t his first time as a director at a children’s museum.

“I was the director of exhibits at the Please Touch Museum, which is the massive children’s museum in Philadelphia,” he said.

He added that Please Touch Museum was much larger than Amelia Park. He said, “It was like this, times 100. Where we see maybe 75 to 100 visitors here a day, it was maybe 2,000 a day over there.”

With his first few months in the books, Radigan explained that he is looking forward to what the future holds for Amelia Park Children’s Museum. He said, “I’m looking forward to seeing what we have transformed into – something no one individual on our team could have expected – by working with our team and partners to make something none of us could have done on our own.”

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