Celebrate the season at the YMCA Winter Carnival

Jan. 7, 2020 | Dennis Hackett

WESTFIELD – The Greater Westfield YMCA will be kicking off the New Year with an arts and crafts Winter Carnival on Jan. 11 for kids ages five and up.

Camp and Program Director Lauren Caprile said the Carnival will run from 5 to 7 p.m. on Jan. 11 in the Y’s general purpose room and will have activities designed for preschoolers and kindergartners.

“They’ll have some arts and crafts and some games set up for that evening. I think there’s probably going to be a little scavenger hunt as well,” she said.

Caprile explained the carnival is organized by the YMCA Leaders Club, which includes students in grades six - 12.

“The Leaders every year try to run some sort of seasonal event out of the Y that’s free to the community and families. I’ll be there as their advisor but it’s all run by our Teen Leaders club,” she said.

While the Leaders Club tried to organize an event for the spring and the winter over the course of the past five years, Caprile said that it hasn’t been consistent every year.

“It hasn’t been super consistent each year as to which season they do something,” she said, “I don’t think they wound up doing anything for the spring last year just because I was brand new to the position and everything happened so quickly they couldn’t get around to it.”

Caprile added that the event is entirely free and residents do not have to register ahead of time.

“It’s going to be more of a drop in basis from any time between five and seven because we have plenty of space in there, whereas opposed to the Chalet up at camp it’s a little harder,” she explained.

While the Leaders Club will host different activities and crafts for this year’s carnival, Caprile said the premise is still the same as years past and is geared towards fun for younger children in the community.

Caprile added that the whole family is invited to the event but there won’t be anything specifically designed for older kids and parents at the event. She said, “It’s going be fun for the children and geared towards them, but it’s nice to see families all show up and participate in the event.”

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