Serendipity Psych celebrates first month of business with open house

Feb. 4, 2020 | Dennis Hackett

Dallas Pilecki and Ariana Avezzi pose in front of Serendipity Psych’s monthly giving tree.
Reminder Publishing photo by Dennis Hackett

WESTFIELD – Serendipity Psych, which celebrated one month in business on Feb. 1,  has plenty to offer patients including private therapy sessions and mental health workshops every month.

Dallas Pilecki, one of the co-founders of the practice, explained that his goal is to provide his patients with specialized personal care they cannot get anywhere else by focusing on each individual patient.

“When we say we’re client focused, we mean it. We don’t feel pressured to work with a million clients, we want to see a handful of clients that we can give the best care to,” he said.

Pilecki said that while he and his partner, Ariana Avezzie have worked together for about six years, it took some time before they could get this kind of project underway.

“It was a fun process, we’ve always thought about opening a practice, it was just never the right timing,” he said, “This fall things kind of lined up and that’s how Serendipity came about and it took about two months to get everything off the ground.”

Because of their experience together, he said it made since to jump into business with Avezzie in their own practice. Pilecki said, “At my first job out of college we worked at the same place and after that our careers mirrored each other in the six years we’ve known each other.”

In the time they have known each other, Pilecki said both of them have had experience in several different fields of therapy and that allows them to give extensive coverage to their patients. “We’ve both done outpatient work, worked in ERs, other local hospitals and in crisis,” he said, “We have a good sense of different services needed and we feel comfortable with all of them so we like to think we can give wraparound care for all of our clients’ needs.”

“We have a free workshop Feb. 18 at the Athenaeum about mental health 101, and this one specifically will be about anxiety, depression, coping skills, identifying symptoms and the resources available,” he said.

Pilecki said that at Serendipity, they have three main types of offerings to patients.

“We do individual, family and couples counseling. We also do workshops and consultations as well,” he said.

He said that at Serendipity, their goal is to give back to the community, through their care and workshops. “Most of our workshops will be free, because for us it’s really about giving back to the community. So between the workshops and consultations we can help people with what they want to do,” he said.

In addition to providing direct care to its patients, Pilecki said Serendipity wants to give back to the community and other businesses through its giving tree program. “Every month we’ll be donating to another agency or group. I’ve been doing the giving tree for three years now and it symbolizes that we have so much more that we can do to push ourselves and go the extra mile,” he said.

“We’re focused on treating the person and getting to know them rather than checking a box. We want to know the person and their journey and be able to work with them and figure out what’s best for them,” Pilecki said.

Serendipity Psych is located at 193 Russell Rd. in Westfield.

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Laurie Ann-Farr Bobskill

Laurie Ann-Farr Bobskill

wrote on 2/11/2020 at 11:41:58 AM

Do they take insurance?

Do they take MassHeslth?