Select Board approves liquor license for Blue Elephant restaurant

Jan. 30, 2019 | Carling Willis

WILBRAHAM – On Jan. 28 a Select Board meeting was held at the Wilbraham Town Hall. During the Open Session, different permits and licenses were discussed for local businesses. The first business that was brought to the attention of the committee was a new restaurant that is set to open the first week of March in Wilbraham: Blue Elephant.

Blue Elephant will be serving authentic Thai food. The restaurant will be located at 2000 Boston Rd., where Meatball Kitchen used to be located.

Blue Elephant was brought to attention at the Select Board Meeting as the owners were seeking approval on a new liquor license and a new entertainment license. The owners of the restaurant are Daniel O’Connell, Walter Czepiel, Nuchjaree Booniyom and Auronroj Arkhoemrok.

O’Connell explained that at first they had no interest in a liquor license, they were more focused on the food aspect of their restaurant. After milling the idea over with their friends and family, he explained, they came to the conclusion that acquiring a liquor license in order to serve imported beers and wine would be in the best interest for the restaurant.                     O’Connell commented, “We’re not a bar! We want you to come for our food!”

The beer and wine served at Blue Elephant will be offered to customers to help them further enjoy their authentic Thai dining or to have a relaxing drink with dinner, he shared. Alcohol will only be served at the restaurant from 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Normal operating hours of Blue Elephant will be 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. The liquor license for Blue Elephant was approved unanimously by the Board of Selectmen after hearing from the owners.

O’Connell next explained why the restaurant is interested in acquiring an entertainment license. O’Connell told the Board they have no interest in hosting live bands or playing loud music. Blue Elephant will be playing soft, Thai flute music as background music.

“We would like to play comforting, relaxing music to make the meal the full experience.” O’Connell told the Select Board.  The owners also asked permission to play the same flute music on their seasonal outdoor patio, which will be open between the months of June to September. After the owners spoke, the Board again granted them permission with a unanimous decision.

With these license approvals the owners can now move forward with their plans to open the doors of Blue Elephant the first week of March.

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