The Restorative Wellness Center to open in Hampden

Oct. 31, 2018 | Carling Willis

The Restorative Wellness Center will be located in the center of Hampden in the Hampden Professional Building at 2 Allen St.
Reminder Publishing photo by Payton North

HAMPDEN – In the last 10 years alternative and natural healing processes have grown in interest, and popularity but unfortunately centers that offer all methods for natural healing are not close by in this area. Jes Petit, a Wilbraham resident, has decided to take this problem into her own hands and open a wellness center in Hampden.  

Petit is a licensed mental health councilor; she has been in practice for 10 years with a focal point on trauma focused cognitive behavior. Three years ago she switched to maternal mental health. She helps women who are suffering with postpartum depression and other complications that can arise during pregnancy or soon after pregnancy.

Petit and her husband are natural healing enthusiasts and feel passionately about what the field offers. The pair faced the dilemma of not having wellness centers at a convenient distance from their house in Wilbraham. This is what prompted Petit to open her own wellness center.

“I wanted to do something more with my career and more with the field, it’s perfect for me!” Petit commented.

Petit posted her idea for the wellness center on local Facebook pages to get a sense of how the community would react to it. With all positive feedback, she moved forward with her dream.

“My mission is to bring a more holistic approach to the community.” Petit said.

Petit will be operating The Restorative Wellness Center out of a suite on Allen Street, adjacent to Integrative BodyWorks Physical Therapy. The Wellness Center will open their doors soon after Thanksgiving.

There will be four offices within the suite, Petit’s office will be offering maternal counseling, and there will also be offices for reiki therapy and massage therapy. Petit is currently searching for an acupuncturist to fill the fourth office in her wellness center. In addition, she will be selling her brand of natural oils called Mama Life Oils and Wellness.

To contact Petit about scheduling a future appointment or concerning the acupuncture position, call her at 437-0594 or contact her through direct message on their Facebook page, The Restorative Wellness Center.

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