Town Election draws small percentage of registered voters

May 24, 2018 | Payton North

WILBRAHAM – Only 970 voters took part in the Town of Wilbraham’s May 19 annual Town Election, comprising just shy of 10 percent of the Town’s total registered voters. This year the positions of one Selectman, Town Clerk, Moderator, Assessor, two School Committee members, Cemetery Commissioner, Water Commissioner,  two Library Trustees, Planning Board and Housing Authority were all up for grabs.

Robert Russell was re-elected to the Wilbraham Select Board for three years. Russell received 676 votes, to his opposition David Martial’s 192 votes. Russell was elected to a three-year term.

Though she has been serving as Wilbraham’s Assistant Town Clerk, Carole Tardif was elected to the Town Clerk position, filling Beverly Litchfield’s shoes. Tardif received 578 votes, to her opposition Mary Rooke’s 364 votes. Tardif was elected to a three-year term.

The Town Moderator position had two candidates, Jane Clark and James Jurgens. Jurgens secured the position with 519 votes, to Clark’s 414. Jurgens will serve as moderator for a three-year term.

Lawrence LaBarbera ran for re-election to the Town Assessor position unopposed. LaBarbera will hold the position for another three-year term.

William Bontempi, Michelle Emirzian and Lloyd Elliot vied for the two open School Committee seats.  Both Bontempi and Emirzian were up for re-election, and were re-elected to the School Committee.  Bontempi received 569 votes, Emirzian with 556 votes and Elliot 336 votes. Both Bontempi and Emirzian will serve for three-year terms.

Donald Bourcier ran for re-election to Cemetery Commissioner unopposed. Bourcier will serve for an additional three-years.

James Dunbar ran for re-election unopposed for Water Commissioner. He will serve for a three-year term.

Raymond Burk, Karen Grycel and D. John McCarthy all ran for the two Library Trustee seats. Burk is a former member of the Board of Library Trustees. Both Burk and Grycel were elected to the Board, Burk with 571 votes and Grycel with 521. McCarthy came in at 318 votes.

Jeffrey Smith ran unopposed for his re-election to the Planning Board. Smith received 729 votes, and will serve a five-year term.

James Burke and Karen Rucks both ran for a seat on the Wilbraham Housing Authority, however Burke prevailed with 502 votes to Rucks’ 403. Burke will serve a five-year term.

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