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Biomass raises concerns

The proposed biomass incineration power plant in Russell continues to raise serious concerns and spark much debate. Similar intense discussion is also occurring in other Massachusetts cities and towns, like Springfield and Greenfield, where biomass plants are proposed. What some may not realize is that these serious issues are also being debated in many other states across our country from Oregon to Michigan to Florida. Increasing numbers of people are becoming aware of biomass incineration power plants and the problems they present. Opposition is growing to this form of energy production. Are these people opposing the construction of these plants just because they don't fancy one in their back yards? Or are there legitimate concerns about the effects these plants can have on our air, water, forests and quality of life? I believe the latter is the case. Why else would so many community, medical and environmental groups line up in coalitions to oppose biomass incineration plants? Why are elected officials and government agencies, including some in Massachusetts, having second thoughts about biomass produced energy that involves burning, and even questioning whether these biomass companies should be receiving taxpayer funded subsidies? The people who we have elected to serve in Washington and in our state capitals and local municipalities should be advocating for true forms of green energy like solar, wind and other forms of renewable power sources. And not just on a small scale. Conservation measures should be stressed as well with incentives for those who achieve success. Future generations will look back on us and wonder why we have put up with oil spills, nuclear accidents and meltdowns and technologies that pollute and squander our resources. Oil, coal and natural gas supplies are finite. We cannot exhaust these supplies for ourselves, nor hitch our stars on them for eternity. We must move forward in this new century to find ways to produce power in clean, safe and efficient ways. This can produce many much needed jobs and bolster our economy. We have the brainpower and the will to accomplish this as a nation and as a steward of the planet. Henry Euler Montgomery Bookmark and Share
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