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City should be run as business

Oct. 9, 2012 |

The Chicopee assessors "human" tax rate calculation error was fortunately caught. But for residents hoping to see a tax decrease, don't hold your breath. The only way taxes can go down is for the city to reduce unnecessary spending. According to city records, from fiscal 2007 to the last fiscal year the city has never spent its budgeted amount. During that period, Free Cash has been three times the amount permitted to be added by Proposition 2 1/2 (rounded, $27 million Free Cash versus $9 million added by Proposition 2 1/2). And without considering the new tax rate, the Stabilization Fund will probably be over $10 million by the end of December. The current planned budget has to trimmed of all fat including new line items. How? That's what the city council, mayor, and department heads are paid to figure out. If the city were being run as a business during these tough economic times, the stockholders would fire those in charge who keep running costs up year after year. Unfortunately, no one can be fired until the 2013 local election. In the interim, resident and business taxpayers should not have to continue bailing out our elected officials. Jim Raschilla Chicopee

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