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May 21, 2012 In The Reminder Opinion piece in the May 14-20 issue, editor Mike Dobbs complains that the accusations in the press against Elizabeth Warren are simply "a diversion from the real issues facing this state and this nation," no matter even if they turn out to be true! Warren is accused of claiming to be a Native American for purposes of benefiting from affirmative action policies at Harvard Law. So a potential fraud by a Senate candidate is just a "diversion?" Dobbs then launches an accusation of his own against Senator Scott Brown, claiming that "Brown voted to increase student loan rates during these difficult times." Does he not realize that this misleading and inaccurate statement is simply another "diversion?" Actually, it was the Democrat-controlled Congress in 2007 that doubled the student loan rate, but making it effective as of July 1, 2012. They did this for political and budget purposes. Scott Brown is a strong supporter of overturning this law, and restoring the lower student loan rate. While still complaining against "diversions," Dobbs makes a detailed statement supporting gay marriage. While this may be a huge issue for a small segment of Americans, even President Obama, for all his bluster in favor of gay marriage, has not indicated he will lift a finger to actually push it forward. It is simply a raw political calculation by President Obama — and Dobbs — to keep us from focusing on the truly sad state of the economy, our mounting debt, and our corrupt federal government. Another diversion! Pat Henry East Longmeadow Editor's Note: There was a typo in the column mentioned in this letter that was corrected in the other three editions we publish. The statement in question was "If people can't point to some way that Warren benefitted from this designation, then isn't this yet another diversion from the real issues facing this state and this nation?" Bookmark and Share
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