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Fire the mayor

Chicopee voters have a major decision to make in order to return a professional team to City Hall.  Do they want to continue the politics that saw the current mayor’s re-election committee caught up in a political scandal over fraudulent signatures on a referendum petition?   Or do they trust a newcomer with no political and little public speaking experience to insure integrity returns to 17 Spring-field St.?   A new mayor has time to learn to articulate his visions as he becomes more comfortable with his new role. For now and the next two years, honesty, integrity, and positive actions are more important than debating skills.  A new mayor can create the necessary departmental rapport severely missing in City Hall for years. An experienced city council and school committee can help a new mayor insure the city moves forward during the next two years. Most important, a new mayor can bring back unquestionable integrity to that office.  Chicopee voters know what they have, they don’t know what change will bring, but if ever change was needed, it is now.   So, as in sports, it’s time to fire someone. The elected officials can then play as a professional team again. Jim Raschilla Chicopee Bookmark and Share
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