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Health care is not a right

July 9, 2012 Dear Mr. Dobbs, In response to your query in the July 2 edition of The Reminder, "Is health care a right? Or is it for people who can afford it?" That is a false choice that liberals love to offer. If you disagree with their position, you must therefore be a racist, homophobe, misogynist, against the environment, against children, or in this case, against the poor. The question should be: Do you believe in the principles that this country was founder upon? (eg: the Constitution/Bill of Rights) Or do you believe that neither is relevant today and should change at the whim of whatever group is in power? Just because you believe in the Constitution, does not mean that you are against any of the above. It just means that you do not believe that it is the federal government's role to fill our every need. It is up to us by using our God given talents and the protection the Constitution and the Bill of Rights provide. We are only guaranteed equal opportunity, not equal outcome. Will there be people who are truly in need? Of course. Help should start with their extended families, then their church, then their community and as a last resort, the state government. As it exists today, we have created a nation of dependents, many not willing to work for a living. The abuse of the various government "help" programs are rampant an well documented. This begs the question, are we "entitled" to food, shelter, cloths, college, car, t.v., phone, dishwasher, microwave, cable, Internet? Where does it end? And who gets to pay for this largess? The answer is the 50 percent of working people who are not on one government program or another. This has been tried time and time again in places like Cuba, Russia, and China. Only the bureaucrats at the top received the bulk of the benefits while those who were not jailed or murdered, have the boots of the masters on their necks and are only granted crumbs. In the so-called "compassionate" socialist countries of the world, (like Spain, Greece, etc.), as well as the communist countries, their social system has crashed, or is crashing under it's own weight. In the false name of liberal compassion, we are destroying our country, one dependent at a time. P.S. Access to a waiting list is not access to health care. Don Crossman East Longmeadow Bookmark and Share
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