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Hugs and prayers for both families

June 25, 2012 Our thoughts and condolences go out to the family and close friends of Officer Kevin Ambrose. This is such a tragedy for the whole community. We should all learn to live together. Officer Ambrose lost his life doing what he trained for and loved . Protecting the community, but lost his life in a world of twisted fates and life. My thoughts and prayers also go out to the friends and family and to Ms. Mitchell, lying in the hospital, with thoughts and memories of that terrible day and its events. All she did was call 911 for help and protection from her ex-boyfriend. She thought she was doing the best thing for her daughter and herself. Ms. Mitchell will live on with the death of Officer Ambrose in her heart and memory for the rest of her life. The media, neighbors, friends, family and the general public should also feel deeply for her and pray for her recovery, from this tragedy and look for ways to protect others from a similar fate. Domestic disputes are the worst type for everyone, and especially the law enforcement personnel. May Ms. Mitchell find peace and support from all. She was a victim also, and should be recognized for her attempts to receive protection, even though it ended badly for the person coming to her aid. The justice system attempts to protect with law and paper, but people are the ones who really make the difference. "Restraining orders" are great, but there are just not enough people, police or ways to totally protect a person. Hugs and prayers for both families, as they are all victims of this terrible event. Living in Peace and Harmony are Dreams we all have. Sandra Thorne Wilbraham Bookmark and Share
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