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I don’t agree with Dobbs

Aug. 8, 2013 |

I say your letter in The Reminder about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. I write letters to our Hilltown paper, The Country Journal, and my friend gave me this to read. I do not agree with you on this at all, with the exception that Zimmerman should have stayed in his car. This was not a racial thing, in my opinion, and I never thought it was. Martin was no saint either. If he kept his hands off Zimmerman, he would be alive today. But, he chose to pound his head into the pavement. I do believe Martin would have killed Zimmerman had he not shot Martin. It is too bad it happened, but sometimes that is the way it does occur. As for guns? I am a gun owner and I keep it for self-defense. I live alone and have no one to protect me so that is my choice. I am a licensed gun owner and I do believe in Florida’s Stand Your Ground laws. And yes, I thank God we still have our Constitution with the Bill of Rights and the First and Second Amendments. You say we like guns more than people. I do believe that is one is attacked in their own home they must protect his or her self because the police can’t be there when it is taking place. And, I do believe that if a white kid were walking through that park he would have been treated the same way. I don’t agree with you that homicides had increased significantly from the years before the law was enacted. It has been proven that crime rates are down when criminals know we are armed. Barbara Thomas Westfield

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