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Answer #1: Just as the person who had the idea to put vitamins in water has become a millionaire, the person who thought of to remove the tag on T-shirts has made their million. Answer #2: (You know the answer but asked it anyway.) Yes, we can make all those small appliances but we can t make it cheaper in the United States. Labor, insurance and taxes are higher. And Americans will not pay more for products made in this country. As far as Americans are concerned, their loyalty to the American worker stops at their wallet. Look at GM, Chrysler and Ford, soon enough. Americans have put the U.S. auto industry into bankruptcy? Look at any parking lot and you will see more Toyotas, Nissans, Lexus, VWs and BMWs than American label cars. If a car says Ford the profits go to Detroit. If a car say Toyota the profits go to Tokyo. No matter where the cars are made. Remember only 10 to 15 percent of the cost of a car is labor. Motorola is facing the same fate. Who made your cell phone? Or did you care? Answer #3: Dick Cheney got you to use three paragraphs about him. If his oratory was not worthy, then why did you give him so much space in your column? Yes, I called you an ultra liberal as you were willing to give up your right to go through a drive-thru, if it consumed a couple of ounces of gasoline. Never give up your rights about anything. We all have our opinions. Buy American and sleep well tonight. Leo Leary Springfield
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