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Agrees with a liberal

Although I don't always agree with you I always read your opinion column. I never thought I would be in such agreement with a self-proclaimed liberals beliefs as stated in your column of week Nov. 15. Either you are not a true liberal or I am not a true conservative; maybe a little of both! In the interest of space I will state your beliefs that I agree with only:
  1. Western Massachusetts would be better off as part of another state or it's own state.
  2. Elected office not intended as career.
  3. People who send jobs overseas are not patriots.
  4. One language to link all of us.
  5. People who come here must be here legally.
  6. Keep outside and corporate money out of elections.
  7. Healthcare is a right.
  8. Television weather forecasters are overpaid.
  9. A neat desk is overrated.
  10. Your last belief on a cigar and a bottle of bourbon.
So whatever people want to classify us as; we agree on some things and disagree on others. Sounds good to me, how about you? Now in regard to Mr. Henry's letter to the editor in the same issue I am in complete agreement. What are the voters of this state thinking? We keep returning the same people to office time after time. Wake up! Thank you for your time and your opinion article. Steven B. Spafford Springfield
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