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East Longmeadow needs nighttime fire coverage

Early on July 8, about 1 a.m., my family had a house fire. Watching your house burn with your children, feeling helpless, is the most traumatizing thing I have ever experienced. My husband and three children and I are most thankful we got out safely. In fact, two days later we sent letters of thanks to both the police and fire departments. They were amazing. However, finding out that a town of East Longmeadow's size is the ONLY one with no full-time fire department is a disgrace! We live on Somers Road, one minute from the station. The police arrived immediately but then we waited over 20 minutes for water to touch our fire. It felt like hours. It's not the firemen's fault, it is our town's. What about all the other houses and businesses that don't live close like we do? I used to feel safe and I don't anymore. We were told afterwards that the whole house would've caught in five more minutes. Had our town allowed for two to three men to be in the station at all times, there would have been plenty of time, and a lot less damage, too. I don't know what it's going to take for the town that I love to wake up and allow for full-time firemen. It's been talked about for years and our people deserve better. Maureen Blanchard, East Longmeadow
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