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Obama is to blame

March 5, 2012 In this week's Reminder, you correctly stated that "no religious test" shall be required to run for political office, but then linked that to "discussing" religion in a political race? That is a non-sequitur as the two are mutually exclusive. You also criticize Santorum for "constantly" inserting religion into the process when in fact it was the president who chose to make social issues a focal point in this election because he can not run on his record. This started weeks ago when one of his lap dogs in the media tried to make contraception an issue when he interviewed Mr. Romney. Mr. Romney was perplexed at this constant line of questioning. The answer revealed itself when Mr. Obama's team announced that Obamacare super-cedes the "freedom of religion" clause in the bill of rights. (Notice it is freedom "of" religion, not freedom "from" religion.) The media, and the Obama team, immediately started shouting that Republicans are against contraception. With his dismal record, who can blame him. Don Crossman East Longmeadow P.S. Funny how the media is trying to give the president cover for his part in the high gas prices when they trashed Mr. Bush for the same thing. The double standard in the media is alive and well in 2012. Bookmark and Share
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