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Occupy Wall Street is a farce

Democrats have always had a flair for creating a social whirlwind into which excitement-loving kids are drawn. The current Occupy Wall Street farce has evolved into just another successful attempt by devious Democrats to harness the youthful enthusiasm of young, impressionable college students in order to advance the Dems diabolical political agenda. On the first day of the sit-in a number of student protesters were interviewed and none of them could give a plausable reason why they came to Occupy Wall Street. Likewise, many college students who participated in the Anti-Vietnam War protests of the1960s didn’t have the foggiest idea where Vietnam was located, and expressed more of an interest in “Leave It To Beaver” programming than to the international ramifications of our involvement in that war. Let’s face it, kids just want to have fun, and hyper-bonding with other kids at an exciting, media contrived protest rally satisfies a youthful need to be “accepted and liked” and nothing more. William Santy Chicopee Bookmark and Share
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