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Opinion didn’t surprise

July 9, 2014 |

Your take on the Supreme Court decision regarding Hobby Lobby does not surprise me since it reflects the talking points from the left wing media. What the left conveniently leaves out is that Hobby Lobby was willing to provide contraception as part of it's health care package. They agreed to provide contraception but refused, on religious grounds, to provide abortions. Some of the so called contraceptives on the government's approved list can potentially abort a live embryo.

Your point about protecting the religious liberty of the employee has no bearing since they are still free to practice what ever they believe. What really upsets the left is that they want someone else to foot the bill.

Asking if you now must sign up for the religious theology of the employer is just plain silly. Religious freedom is a two way street.
Don Crossman
East Longmeadow

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