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Overlay still controversial

he recently reduced Chicopee CC40R Overlay proposal still presents significant risk to the taxpayers. At the June 14 joint school committee/city council Education sub-committee meeting, one city councilor questioned the superintendent of schools on the potential impact to the school department if the zone was reduced to just Cabotville and one other small area. Given the number of total units that all of Cabotville could support, the response ranged from a minimum of additional busing costs to the potential for a new school. There is also no guarantee that the developer will participate in the program. Every published government statistics suggests Chicopee does not need additional affordable housing and the mayor has stated on numerous occasions that Chicopee already meets those state and federal guidelines. So where is the need for CC40R? With two more years to review results from other cities and towns that have adopted MGL 40R, why are the mayor and some council members in such a hurry to commit to a program that relies on the taxpayers to bail the city out when state aid from MGL 40S becomes unavailable? Jim Raschilla Chicopee
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