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Pet Owners: Look out for "Number One"

Pet Owners: Look out for "Number One" hydrant.gif
A citizen recently brought to the attention of the Board of Selectmen a situation involving another citizen walking their dog. The board was told that the dog walker allowed their dog to relieve itself on the tree belt area of the property. This relief was of a liquid variety. The resident before the board was upset with this situation for many reasons: he expressed concern for the health of any children that may later walk on the property barefoot; that he works hard to keep his property immaculate; and because of the ambivalent at-best attitude of the dog walker. The Board of Selectmen recognizes that the call of nature is one that must be answered by man and man's best friend alike. While the town does have bylaws in place to address the removal of a dog's other waste, it does not have any that address the situation described. Indeed, the board has been advised by Town Counsel that his may very well be an unenforceable situation. In the spirit of being good neighbors to each other, the Board of Selectmen asks all pet owners to be respectful to those whose properties they walk past. The board asks you to be diligent in curbing your pets according to our bylaws, and to consider honoring any requests to not allow your pet to conduct their business on another's private property. James D. Driscoll Chair, Board of Selectmen East Longmeadow
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