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Please return my bike

I was hoping I would not have to resort to writing this letter, but unfortunately, due to poor judgment on my part or perhaps being a little stunned as a result of the tornado, this may be one of the only avenues I have to make contact with a person whom I met on the day of the storms in Wilbraham. About an hour after the tornado hit Tinkham Road, I offered a bicycle to a person who had to park their car at Minnechaug and walk home to East Longmeadow. Amidst all of the shock and destruction, I told him he could return the bike when he had a chance. In addition, my sons were thrilled to help someone during this disaster and ran to the shed to pull out the first bike they saw — my mountain bike given to me by my husband. They even brought him a manual air pump to make sure the tires were full. I was happy that my sons could see one of the many examples of how people pulled together and helped each other out during a crisis. It never crossed my mind that this person would not return the bike given the amount of destruction that occurred that day (as well as the sense of community that was felt between everyone). I was wrong not to get a name, but at the time I probably was in shock and just assumed this individual would return the bike when he retrieved his vehicle from Minnechaug after the roads were cleared. Or, since he said he was an electrician and in the process of moving in with his girlfriend, I figured he may be very busy during the first several days after the storm which may have prevented him from returning the bike in a timely manner. If anyone reading this thinks they may know this individual, please give him a friendly reminder about the bike. If you are this person, you should do the right thing and return the bike. Angela Rice Wilbraham Bookmark and Share
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