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I was surprised and disappointed by Martin Kane's attack on both my candidacy and integrity in his recent letter to the editor. To assert that it is unethical to post pictures of myself at various meetings and events that I attend with fellow Republican voters and officials is the type of foolish political attack that has become all too common in politics in recent years. My relations with Mr. Kane have been cordial in the past. However, your readers should know he is married to my opponent's campaign manager hardly an impartial observer! I am upset by the fact that political attacks such as these have become commonplace, when they are an unnecessary and damaging distraction from the crucial work that must be done in the upcoming year. The focus should instead be on the general election and the need for new and effective representation for the Second Hampden District that I am prepared to provide. This is the year that important decisions have to be made about the direction that our state will take. We need to be stewards of our children's future, by working to reverse years of government bloat and returning to sound fiscal policy. We cannot settle for politics as usual. This election is not about endorsements. It is about who has the experience and leadership to provide solutions. Photos taken with Scott Brown, Charlie Baker, local business owners, Republican supporters, and family are not about endorsements or bragging rights. Photos of me with others were taken because we were together at the same meeting or events during the campaign. We are together trying to bring about change because we all share a strong core set of beliefs about how to make this great Commonwealth better: reinvigorate job growth, decrease the size of the massive and inefficient state bureaucracy, reduce taxes, and reform pensions. Putting those beliefs into action is what this campaign is about. If we learned anything from Scott Brown's campaign this spring, it is that this is "the people's seat." Massachusetts voters are historically fiercely independent and intelligent. The voters will decide, based on their own opinions on the issues and the candidates, not on anyone else's. They will be the ones to decide who is the best candidate for State Representative. Marie Angelides Longmeadow
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