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Populism will endure

he newly victorious Senator Brown's performance in the predominately blue state of Massachusetts may not signify an acclaimed victory for the Republicans but rather a public expression of disenchantment for the present system of government in general. Perhaps capitalism in itself is in danger of facing extinction. Pleasing the shareholders and making it the prime objective of business as usual, in corporate America, is no longer the most prevalent matter on the minds of most common lower middle class workers who can no longer envision a future of economic prosperity for themselves and their family. Subsequently voters all across this nation are yearning for universal change, a change which puts restrictions on the domineering political influence super powerful executives have in controlling the masses. Capitalism may someday be viewed by the majority as ill-suited to serve the needs of the citizenry. On the other hand, socialism is defined as ownership of exploitable capital and means of production by the government, not by individuals or by private enterprise. Whether it be Capitalism or Socialism, whichever one works best to guarantee the survival of populism is the one most likely to endure. Bill Paul Chicopee
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