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Questions for Neal

A number of controversial bills have been advanced by the 111th Congress. While many members of Congress have held town hall meetings to answer voter questions, Congressman Neal has avoided the people he represents in the Springfield area. Congressman Neal voted in favor of a stimulus bill that added over $780 billion to the national debt helping create a deficit this year that exceeds the entire eight years of the Bush administration. We were told this bill was needed to keep unemployment down below 8 percent yet we watched as it increased beyond 10 percent. I would like to ask Congressman Neal if he is willing to admit the failure of this program and return the unspent portion to pay down part of the enormous debt we have incurred. Congressman Neal voted in favor of a Cap and Tax bill that will increase our energy costs by an estimated $3,500 per family. While many small businesses struggle to survive, Cap and Tax will surely push many businesses over the edge. I would like to ask Congressman Neal how he expects families to pay this increase and why would he vote in favor of this bill during a recession? Congressman Neal voted in favor of the House health care bill that will allow the federal government to take control of one-sixth of the U.S. economy. Highlights of that bill include a $500 billion cut to Medicare, the potential elimination of private health care insurance and the creation of several dozen new taxes imposed on individuals, corporations and small business. In addition, this bill will leave millions uninsured and it will force rationed care for those that are covered. I would like to ask Congress Neal why he supports a government take over of the health care industry when most Americans oppose this effort. Also, I would like Congressman Neal to identify the provision in the United States Constitution that grants this power to Congress. The Christmas recess offers Congressman Neal the opportunity to hold a town meeting to answer the many questions that we have. I hope that he will take advantage of this opportunity. Michael Stasiowski, Longmeadow
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