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Refugee agencies must work together

Aug. 28, 2013 |

In the letter Mayor Sarno sent to support the agencies, he was bringing attention to the fact all of them must work together. It’s not only how many more immigrants a city allows, it’s also what happens after they arrive there. These agencies give assistance for a short time, then it becomes the city’s responsibility. In the old days the immigrants stayed with relatives and there were plenty of factory jobs around. That is not the case at this time. Most of us do not have to go back very far to realize our family was started and supported by immigrants. The wide assortments of needs that the refugees bring to our cities make it a greater task to get them settled. These are the people, in years gone by, that made this country the great nation it is today. Our mayor is saying all cities and towns should work together and implement whatever programs they can to assure the people who are rebuilding their lives have a chance to do so. We can’t do it alone here in Springfield. It is up to the agencies in charge to assist the cities and towns to achieve this goal. Anthony Mosio Springfield

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