Remote participation better than none

January 16, 2012

It is laughable when talking about remote participation that Select Board Member Rob Aseltine says “without the full complement of board members” the town is cheated — I totally agree — but what irony.

In speaking of participation, by just taking a quick “look-see” the following is the attendance roster for Select Board meetings from June 15 thru Nov. 29, 2011 as posted under “Approved Minutes” as of Dec. 27, 2011:
  • June 15 — Gold and Swanson absent

  • June 28 — Angelides absent

  • July 18 — Swanson absent

  • Aug. 30 — Aseltine absent

  • Oct. 6 — Aseltine and Angelides absent

  • Oct. 17 — Aseltine and Angelides absent

  • Nov. 3 — Angelides absent

  • Nov. 21 — Swanson absent

  • Nov. 29 — Aseltine and Swanson absent.
And the winner is ... unbelievable — It’s a three-way tie Aseltine, Angelides and Swanson! A trifecta! But this isn’t a horserace … it’s the business of the Town of Longmeadow. Frankly — we all are being cheated by these Select Board people who, for whatever reason, chose not to attend their designated meetings; and does not even include what is missed during executive session meetings. For Mr. Aseltine to rail on meeting participation is the height of hypocrisy. Really — there is no excuse for this lack of participation whatsoever. None. I might add, remote participation is better than no participation.

Diane B. Nadeau


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