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Salutes School Committee

April 4, 2012 The Chicopee School Committee should be commended for voting in opposition to Governor Patrick's proposal to centralize administration of the state's community colleges. Hopefully, the vote was unanimous. And also hopefully, a letter reflecting that vote was sent to the governor and to the representatives and senators in the state house representing Chicopee asking them not to support the governor's direction. A central community college system will not improve coordination for job training at the state and regional level. Who knows better the needs of the communities than the community colleges isn't that what they are intended to be, community colleges?    And would this be the start of bringing the community colleges into the "cookie cutter" world of the K-12 system brought about by No Child Left Behind and MCAS, eventually resulting in "standardized" testing of community college graduates before they are awarded their degrees? Well done, Chicopee School Committee members. Hopefully, other school committees in the area will follow your lead. James Raschilla Chicopee Bookmark and Share
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