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Seven ways to save money

Somehow this Governor and this Legislature just don't seem to get it anymore. We the citizens and taxpayers in this state are sick and tired about adding more taxes on our backs. Now Thea's another tax added to soda and candy. When is this nonsense going to stop. There are many ways to balance this state budget without taxing the citizens to death. People who run a household or run a small business do it all the time, and it's about time this state tries running on a budget. I'm going to provide you with several ways that will actually work. 1. Stop hiring people, Governor, at six figure incomes that really don't need the job. 2. Freeze all raises immediately. 3. Leave unfilled positions vacant. 4. Institute a furlough program immediately (one day each week for now). 5. Start replacing the state auto fleet as they retire with hybrid vehicles that provide greater miles per gallon. 6. Start a program to install solar panels on all state buildings and where ever needed. 7. Let everyone who works for state government feel our pain by making a five or 10 percent cut in the paycheck. I guarantee if all or some of these points are implemented, this state budget will balance without the need for additional taxes. Personally, I believe some taxes already implemented can be repealed. I don't propose to be a financial guru, only someone who is a realist and trying very hard to eke out a living on Social Security and a small pension. When the economy improves, the state can remove some or all of these restrictions. In closing let me add one more important item. All individuals male or female receiving assistance from the state who are not physically disabled be required to work 15 or 20 hours per week to compensate the taxpayers who are providing this assistance. This is what is called "sweat equity." Roland L Archambault Chicopee
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