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Singing praises

Aug. 23, 2013 |

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would sing praises to a house filled mostly with Democrats, but we have to give credit to the current Board of Selectmen in Chicopee who appear very much to be forward thinking and willing to do the right thing even though the right thing goes against the flow of popular opinion. While many cities and towns are adopting the Agenda 21/Green Communities Initiative scheme created by “global thinkers” who elevate earth above man and have no respect for local authority, all of the Selectmen in Chicopee last September unanimously voted against this elaborate and underhanded land-grab. Also, last year there were three communities in Massachusetts (Huntington, Bellingham and Falmouth) where there was an effort by individuals to ban any mention of God, like “God bless America” or “one nation under God” at community events. While this anti-Christ sentiment is popping up all over the map, Chicopee is clearly going in the opposite direction. Dec. 18, 2012 the Chicopee City Council unanimously passed a resolution requiring the decorated tree in front of City Hall to be called “Christmas Tree” instead of a “Holiday Tree.” This is wonderful. The current group of selectmen in Chicopee are wise, independent thinkers. I wouldn’t replace a single one of them. With Richard Kos soon to be our new Mayor, Chicopee could very well become a standard and role model for other local communities. Bill Santy Chicopee

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