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So sad

June 20, 2012 Our hard earned money is being confiscated (no longer appropriate to say "taxed") to give to others who are not willing to work for it and who receive the confiscated money like someone who receives a Nobel Peace Prize or an Oscar Award. Never in the history of the world have we seen a shakedown that is so slick and so bold. Throughout the centuries whenever someone plundered someone else there was a sense of wrong-doing on the conscience of the plunderer. The plunderer would retreat to his hidden cave or hide behind castle walls so potential avengers would not seek him out for his evil deeds. Today, so many plunderers have smugly plunged their arms deep, deep within the devil's enticing "cookie jar" with a sense of pride and a false assurance that they will never have to answer for their crime. Today's plunderers have been thoroughly sold on the notion that they "have a right" to receive confiscated money. When someone's "rights" mean that they have access to my checkbook to pay for something that I wouldn't remotely buy for myself, then that "right" becomes a crime against me. President Obama, who has earned the title of being "the most successful food-stamp president in American history" (in order to buy votes), could very well be voted into office for a second term by those who mindlessly cling to the Democrat Party. Those among us who consistently vote Democrat out of blind tradition regardless how reckless that political party is, are destroying our country. It was sad; so very, very sad this Memorial Day to gather together to pay homage to local military personnel who sacrificed so much to preserve our nation, knowing that many who walk the streets of our community selfishly cling to a political party that is systematically and successfully undoing everything that our fallen heroes have died to preserve. So sad. We live in difficult, but exciting times. William Santy Chicopee Bookmark and Share
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