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Still the best business environment

Michael, interesting article but you only state one side of the equation. You quote an American patriot saying all men were created equal. I agree. Why didn't you include the one about our country was founded and became the richest and most successful economy through capitalism? I'm not a Gordon Gecco, however greed drives efficiencies because people are motivated through profit. The problem with redistribution of wealth is that people didn't have to do anything to earn it. So what do you get after you give people money for accomplishing nothing? It's human nature! They just want more. We have some of the richest poor in the world! What we have today is lazy poor with no work ethic but lots of entitlements. As you noted, we also have a hard working middle class that aren't that far ahead of the entitled poor and wonder why they don't get a break. Now, with that I'm going to agree with you that the rich keep richer. However some of that is because they have driven the business in this country! I would agree something needs to change. I still don't understand why we don't just go to a flat tax and tax everyone equally. Unfortunately the biggest problem we have is special interest lobbyists vying for "breaks" for people and companies. (Yes these are funded by all the rich people and companies. I don't like these guys either). John Stossel from FOX recently did a very good piece on tax breaks for the rich. People should watch that! In conclusion, with all the inadequacies, with all the rich companies wielding power, we still have one of the greatest business environments in the world! Kids can still grow up free and become the president or a multi-million dollar business person just ask the kids who created Facebook. This country has lots of opportunity and resources. Should it be better? Without a doubt. But, are we going to sit around and become part of the problem or are we going to be our own solution and despite adversity become successful from the fruits of our own hard work and perseverance? Walter Kroll Springfield Bookmark and Share
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