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Support House Bill 708

Aug. 17, 2017 |

I support the repeal of the probate law because it excluded people with disabilities in our court system under the United States Constitution and Massachusetts State Constitution and existing civil rights laws and federal and state laws.

I request this newspaper check my bill and the public to prove people with disabilities have equal rights under our laws in this state. The thing I oppose are legal guardians and repayees who think they are above law when it comes to our legal rights by denying our rights to appear in our probate courts in Massachusetts.

This is why I support the repeal of the probate law.  My bill is a start in protecting the rights of people with disabilities.  More needs to be done by the legislature.

I request state Sen. Eric Lesser of Longmeadow and state Rep. Brian Ashe of Longmeadow to stop legal guardians, repayees, family members, parents and relatives in violating the rights of people with disabilities.

This law affected me. I don’t know the judge in my case as I am a disabled person and my lawyer went for me without me being at the probate court. I disagree with this policy. It’s time for a change in our probate courts. Support House Bill 708 clarifying the rights of people with disabilities.

Robert   S. Edwards

Member Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts 

Member Knights Of Columbus Counsel No.5406        

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