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July 9, 2012 I'm writing to address a concern discussed in the June 18 Opinion section of The Reminder. In that regard, you bemoaned the "non-issue" that the Nuciforo Congressional campaign has raised with respect to Richard Neal's capitulation to Republican efforts relieving the wealthy of their tax obligations. Rather than cite a quotation taken out of context from The Hill, perhaps you should turn to Richard Neal's 23-year legislative record as a source. If you researched Neal's performance, you would note that his deference to corporate interests is not a one-time occurrence. Rather, it is but one event in a career of yielding to corporate influence. Those of us who are supporters of Andrea Nuciforo's primary challenge to Richard Neal are voting for Andy because he has taken a progressive stance on a wide variety of issues, contradicting Neal's positions. Here are a few examples: 1. Neal voted for the Patriot Act. In contrast, Andy Nuciforo opposes warrantless wiretaps and indefinite detentions for prisoners. 2. Neal voted five times for deregulation legislation that has put consumers at grave financial risk. (Remember the banking meltdown?) As a State Senator for ten years and former Chair of the Finance Committee, Andy Nuciforo has supported pro-consumer legislation to protect homeowners from deceptive lenders, high-cost mortgages, and predatory loan practices. 3. Andy Nuciforo can be counted on to support legislation protecting women's reproductive freedom. Unlike Neal, who was an early co-signer of the Stupak Amendment and failed to speak out against Rick Santorum's recent efforts to deprive women of contraception coverage, Andy will not compromise with those who want to "turn back the clock" on this important health issue. 4. Finally, in the area of job creation, Andy ardently supports fairness for American workers. He will oppose trade policies that send our jobs abroad and encourage manufacturers to locate here. Lest you cite Neal's support of the same, let me remind you that over 50,000 factories have been closed in the United States over the past ten years — all of this happening while Neal was our representative. If you are truly interested in the differences between Andy Nuciforo and Richard Neal, I invite you to sponsor a public debate between the two candidates. Once the public hears that discussion, I'm certain that they'll agree with me: We do not need another corporate Democrat in Congress. It's time for a change. Michele Marantz Longmeadow Bookmark and Share
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