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July 9, 2014 |

This past Friday it was determined that Eric Lesser of Longmeadow will be eligible to run for State Senate in the First Hampden & Hampshire despite the effort brought by his opponent Tim Allen to deem him otherwise.

To me this ruling makes zero difference because all the while, the strongest candidate in the race, Chip Harrington, has been going about the business of raising real issues. 

Chip’s taking on real concerns such as; hiring more Springfield police officers, saving people’s lives through the use of Narcan, speaking out against the controversial PARCC exam and protecting area small businesses amongst others. Chip is truly adding a moderate voice in a time of extreme ideologies on both sides of the aisle.

Watching Lesser and Allen each continue to play politics and squabble back and forth has made it even more clear to me that Chip Harrington, who has lived in the district his entire life and has served his community in elected office for over 24 years, is the real choice to bring leadership to Beacon Hill. He is a small business owner, a special police officer and most importantly a family man.  

So I could simply care less if Lesser is on the ballot or not as I know I am not voting for him or Allen either way. I am disappointed in Allen’s actions as the move was obviously political. We should be encouraging more people to join the democratic process rather than trying to shut some out. Voters are smart enough to decide how committed Lesser is or is not to the district. Lesser, in my opinion, is just far too green for the job and his closeness to the president and the Democratic Party make me nervous that he will fall right into line in Boston and put the party before the district.  In addition, on paper, Lesser does not come close to matching up with Chip Harrington’s experience and leadership. 

One example is, Chip’s leadership in creating the Ludlow Landfill/Solar Field that will save the town of Ludlow over $2.5 mil [million] in energy costs over 20 years through a smart private-public partnership by harnessing energy on underutilized public land. That’s the type of intelligent, cutting edge, non-partisan leadership I want representing me in the state Senate.

I’m glad to add my voice to the choir of others and declare that “I’m With Chip” and so should you!

Sandra Lowney
East Longmeadow

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